Making a snapshot

In order to protect the content of the virtual machine from unexpected failure due to e.g. reconfiguration of applications running inside the VM, a virtual machine snapshot can be created.

  1. Right-click on the selected VM
  2. Select Create Snapshot from the menu
  3. Decide how the snapshot is to be done
  4. Click OK
  5. A Snapshot is being created

Reverting VM to Snapshot

  1. Right-click on VM you want revert to Snapshot (condition: VM must have an existing snapshot)
  2. From the menu select Revert to Snapshot
  3. Confirm by clicking OK

Deleting a Snapshot

  1. Right-click on the VM from which the snapshot is to be removed (condition: VM must have an existing snapshot)
  2. From menu select Remove Snapshot
  3. Confirm Snapshot removal by clicking OK

vApp Snapshot

It is possible to make a snapshot of the whole vApp (group of Virtual Machines) as well. This is done in a way very similar to the creation of a snapshot of single Virtual Machine.