New version of vCloud Director in HTML5

The current interface vCloud Director is coded in Flash and has several limitations.

The coders at VMware have prepared a new version of vCloud Director in HTML5, which is built in accordance with the newest web application trends.

As for now, the interface is a funcional demo implemented within the service BENESTRA Virtual Datacenter. Numerous functions are being added on the run as they are made available by developers of VMware.

New version of vCloud Director in HTML5

The most important are folowing improvements:

  • upload and download (ISO, OVF/OVA) without the necessity of client integration plugin installation and support of NPAPI in your browser
  • option to setup reserved resources for CPU and MEMORY
  • monitoring of resources (disk, CPU, MEMORY) for each VM (Monitoring Charts) for the last week – will be extended later
  • graphical interpretation of resources in your VDC (usage/totals)

ATTENTION! It is still a DEMO version! Use at your own responsibility.
BENESTRA holds no responsibility for any errors.

Where to obtain the vCloud Director on HTML5:

Upon the service set up, you have received a link through which you can access the vCloud Directore.

The link contained a string acc-abrv_company_name, ie:


To use the HTML5 version of the vCloud Directore substitute the part "cloud/org/" in the html link for "tenant/" and leave the rest, ie:


Username and password remain the same for both old and new versions of the interface.