Creating a new Virtual Machine

Creating new vApp

In order to create a new virtual machine, click My Cloud on the Top Menu, and thenclick Create New vApp to create a new vApp or Create New VM if the machine will be added to an existing vApp.

  1. Complete the vApp Profile
  2. Add virtual machines to the vApp
  3. Configure the virtual machines
  4. Configure Networks

Add VM to vApp

You can search your catalogs for virtual machines to add to the vApp or add new, blank virtual machines:

  • To add virtual machines from vApp templates, select My organization’s catalogs or Public catalogs from the drop-down menu, select one or more virtual machines, and click Add.
  • To add a new virtual machine, click New Virtual Machine, provide the required information about the virtual machine, and click OK.
  • Click Next.

Configure VM

  1. You can also now specify the name of created virtual machine.
  2. If more than one storage type was added to your environment, please select the Storage Profile that will be used to create the virtual machine. The Storage Profile will be used as the default storage type for the VM.

Define the computer name of each virtual machine and select the network to which you want to connect it. You can configure additional properties for virtual machines after you complete the wizard.

  • (Optional) Modify the full name and computer name of each virtual machine.
  • Select a primary NIC and network for each virtual machine.
  • Select an IP Assignment method for each NIC.
  • If you select Static - Manual, type the IP address.
  • Click Next to check configuration.

Click Finish to deploy the virtual machine.