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The offer of voice services includes a portfolio of the products based on broad technological platform. We offer the complex electronic communication voice services from the solutions tailored for small-size and medium-size corporate clients and based on the modern VoIP technology to the standard lines, which offer the digital quality of voice for big companies and corporations.

Voice services

The offer of voice services includes the products based on broad technological platform. SWAN is one of the companies that are interconnected with the biggest domestic and significant foreign telecommunication operators and provides the “apartment” clients with voice services enabling better call rates via the existing lines - Carrier Selection, VoIP or landline in the selected localities.

Carrier Selection

The service brings the lower call charges for making the calls from the existing telephone line by selecting the operator that offers the best call rates to the required destinations. The service does not require any investment and by simply entering the CS code before the dialled number the call is made via selected operator. In case of customers with higher quantity of calls the entire process may be automated by installing the dialer – a device which dials an area code before the dialled number, so the usual method of making calls remains the same.

Direct (VoIP)

A modern and dynamically developing technology for transmission of Voice over IP that enables to connect IP phone, hardware or software enabling to make calls directly from PC or Voice Gateway, to which it is possible to connect a regular analog telephone, directly to Internet network. Use of the existing Internet connection along with compression of voice brings the reduction of costs related to transmission of voice, what finally reflects in better call rates. The advantage of this solution is an appropriate price of technology used for the direct connection of the “apartment” clients to our VTS.  

Advantages of voice services

  • lower call charges in comparison with conventional technologies
  • connection to the biggest Pan-European and the global telecommunication network
  • provision of the most advanced services of the highest quality
  • highly competitive international and national rates
  • per-second billing
  • simple control of costs – the complete detailed accounts are provided for free
  • possibility to check your account online in real time
  • technical support 24/7 and 365 days a year
  • gradual implementation of new services of the highest possible quality for the best price

Technical parameters

  • Supported transmission speed: 64kbit/s - nx2048 kbit/s
  • Supported user interfaces: Ethernet, G.703, E1, T1, V.35, X.21, ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI

Optional access technologies (Last mile)

  • Wireless link of FWA technology in the licensed band of 26 GHz
  • Wireless link of FWA technology in the licensed band of 3.5 GHz
  • Wireless link Point-to-Point in the licensed frequency band of 13, 18, 23, 26 GHz
  • Wireless link in the freeband
  • Optical fibre
  • Metallic digital telecommunication circuit

The employees of our Sales Department are at your disposal every working day from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. We prefer to provide our clients with individually tailored services and therefore we recommend you to arrange a meeting with our sales representatives who will offer you the most optimal product to meet your requirements.

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