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SWAN will be the fourth provider

Bratislava, 9th January 2014 – Telecommunications provider SWAN successfully participated in the first electronic auction in the history to issue individual permits for using frequencies from frequency bands.

The Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, which organized the tender, officially informed about the results. SWAN paid for granted frequencies the amount of  €6,6 million.

„SWAN won the tender to obtain 2 times 15 MHz in 1800 MHz band which allows us to build a high-speed data transfer network and to enter into the group of three operators providing full-fledged mobile services in Slovakia,“ says Miroslav Strečanský, CEO of SWAN. In accordance with the terms set out in the granted license, the Company is obliged to launch use of assigned frequency by 8th July 2014. It is expected that the company will start to provide commercial services in the second half of this year. „We have a business plan prepared and we know how to use granted frequencies. The scope and type of provided services will take full advantage of new technology and capacity of granted frequencies. The order of localities, in which services will be launched, will be determined by market potential of individual localities, as well as technical and project synergies with our existing infrastructure,“ adds Miroslav Strečanský.

Obtained frequencies are focused on city agglomeration. In order to achieve full national coverage SWAN may use its right to national roaming which is stipulated in the terms of the tender.

SWAN has been providing telecommunication services for more than 13 years; it has built its own fiber-optic network with European parameters. It forms a part of Danubiatel holding, which includes in its portfolio, among others, data center, top-notch software house and national administrator of domains.

 „Even though it may seem that the telecommunication market is filled, it is in constant development. The launch of 4G networks and LTE technology is a great opportunity to launch services with a new concept. The year 2014 will bring new impulses in Slovak telecommunication market,“ said Juraj Ondriš, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SWAN.