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To create interconnection between the customers and data networks of the operator or between the localities of the customer we offer the lease of the digital telecommunication circuits with transmission capacity from 64 kbit/s to n x 2Mbit/s between the endpoints of the customer. At the personal meeting each client will specify the location of endpoints, topology, transmission capacity, and the type of digital serial interface of the required circuit. According to the location of endpoints we distinguish between the following:

  • a local digital telecommunication circuit that connects two points of the customer within a city
  • an inter-city digital telecommunication circuit that connects the localities of the customer between distant cities
  • an international digital telecommunication circuit, which ensures on-line communication with any country in the world

"Last mile" of the circuits is usually implemented by FWA systems of 26 GHz or microwave point-to-point link. The inter-city circuits are implemented in SWAN backbone network on optical lines, which ensures high quality and short delay periods. High quality and availability of the leased digital lines is reflected by the service availability parameter of up to 99.99 %. This service is offered as a complex service continuously monitored along all route of connection between the endpoints.

Who are these services for?

  • All companies that wish to use their own transmission protocol for transmission of data within Slovakia or to abroad
  • Telecommunication operators that provide their customers with telecommunication services via SWAN network
  • For connection of the branch telephone exchange with the exchange of voice services provider

Advantages of the Service

  • Fast establishment of telecommunication circuits
  • Broad range of the transmission speeds offered
  • Last Mile solution – completely independent of the ground lines
  • Immediate change of the circuit parameters
  • High effectiveness in terms of price/quality ratio
  • Continuous monitoring of the service up to the customers’ equipment

Technical parameters

  • Supported transmission speed: 64kbit/s - nx2048 kbit/s
  • Supported user interfaces: Ethernet,G.703, E1, V.35, X.21

Optional access technologies (Last mile)

  • Wireless link of FWA technology of 26 GHz
  • Wireless link Point-to-Point in the licensed frequency band of 13, 18, 23, 26 GHz
  • Optical fibre
  • Metallic digital telecommunication circuit

The employees of our Sales Department are at your disposal every working day from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. We prefer to provide our clients with individually tailored services and therefore we recommend you to arrange a meeting with our sales representatives who will offer you the most optimal product to meet your requirements.

Are you interested in this service?

If you are interested, please refer to our Sales Department. We will be pleased to provide you with professional advice and answer your questions. Please contact us with your suggestions or comments via email or by phone at:

e-mail: spoc@swan.sk tel.: +421 2 35 000 100 fax: +421 2 35 000 899